Ultrasport bike F-Bike exercise cycle review

When it comes to home gym equipment, few pieces of kit are more popular than exercise bikes. The exercise bike can provide a solid workout which is easy on the joints. Hard cycling is surprisingly an adept full body workout, with a natural focus on the legs muscle structure. What’s more, exercise cycles are very space efficient, taking up much less room than larger kit like treadmills. All of this makes exercise cycles a red hot niche in home exercise, and in this red hot, the Ultrasport F-Bike stands tall, with its enduring popularity standing as testament to its great price point, robust design and space efficiency. In those three points alone, it paints a picture of a bike that’s well suited to the home market. Let’s dive deeper into our review

Firstly, a quick word about UltraSport. The company were founded with the aim of providing entry-level gym equipment at highly competitive prices. They distribute exclusively via Amazon, where they have a very strong reputation. We have tested a number of their products and have always been impressed with the build quality, especially when compared against their aggressive price points.

Their F-Bike comes in at 80.5 x 43.5 x 112cm, meaning it’s a compact offering in a space where bikes are increasingly getting bulkier and bigger. The kit is designed for easy home storage, with a simple to activate folding mechanism.

The Ultrasport offering features a simple on-board computer, which delivers output based around distance cycled, time undertaken, estimated calorie expenditure, speed and pulse readings. All of this is controlled via two AAA batteries, so there’s no need to set the bike up near a power socket. The pulse is taken via the integrated hand sensors, so there’s no need to wear a heart rate monitor in order to benefit from this data point. With this in mind, the F-Bike is a simple solution aimed at those who want a basic home offering. At less than £100 you get what you pay for, but with a 1.5KG flywheel and eight resistance levels, there’s enough in there to keep most home-trainers happy.

Easy assembly and quick storage

We had no problems assembling the bike, with the whole process from start to finish taking no longer than 20 minutes.

We’re particularly impressed by the bikes quick folding mechanism though. Even when assembled and operational the bike is very compact, but with one quick twist you can fold the bike up and store it away. For many this is a key requirement for home exercise equipment – as not many of us are blessed with home gyms and let’s face it, no exercise equipment is going to form the basis of your living room layout. So this feature is especially valuable on the Ultrasport F-Bike.

Who should buy the Ultrasport F-Bike?

If you’re the super fit ever-present at your local gym, then this is not the bike for you. You’ll find it too limited, with not enough range in the resistance levels to keep you satisfied and more importantly, improving. So who is this bike intended for?

I see it as a first-foray piece of equipment. It’s ideal for anybody who is looking to start out a new fitness routine. At a push, I also see some value in this for a predominately resistance trainer who wants to do a little more cardio in the mornings or evenings. So in other words, this is a beginner’s bike or a piece of equipment with some value for anybody who is looking to augment their wider workout regime.

You should also avoid purchasing this bike if you sit at the very tall or very short end of the height spectrum, as the setup is very much geared towards the ‘average’ sized user.

Final thoughts

The UltraSport F-Bike,

priced at below £100, represents some fine value. The overwhelming user responses to this bike have been positive, with the vast majority of opinion identifying this as a value product. It’s surprisingly well constructed, with a tough and durable feel to it. The computer, whilst hardly super-extensive, provides everything that you really need and nothing that you definitely don’t need.

With that in mind, we award this bike with a solid 4 stars and recommend it for new trainers or for anybody who wants to ‘do a little bit more cardio’

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