The 15 Best Paid yet Attainable Jobs In The World In 2015

It doesn’t really matter if we’re making loads of it, or spending too much of it, or failing to save enough of it or in general, we just do not have enough of it. Whatever our situation, we;re all thinking about money. A lot.

15. Information Security Analyst - Average Salary $91,210

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We live in an age when we can barely turn on the news without hearing about another high profile 'hacking case'. Therefore, its hardly surprising to hear that demand for these sorts of positions are soaring. As long ago as 2013 the medium salary for Security Analysts was $88k - expect that to boom through the rest of 2015 and beyond.

This list serves as a list of 15 advanced professions which pay the best in the world right now, in 2015 and beyond. They provide a big package and also deliver great job security – both of which combine to be critically important. At the end of the day, well paid jobs are great, but if they have no security then you could be left with a huge pay packet one day and nothing the next. So lets dive into the list.