The Sony Smart Tennis Sensor Could Change Tennis Coaching Forever

‘Smart’ technology is continually being released aimed at the sports market. Increasingly, such technology is being targeted at gym goers as well as the more popular sports, with Sony now setting their sights on the tennis market. The company were showcasing their thoughts in this space at the recent Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, where they were demonstrating their Smart Tennis Sensor. The company have now revealed that they will be launching this bit of kit in Japan as early as May this year, just in time for the summer tennis season which is headlined by Wimbledon in late June / early July.

So what does the Sony Smart Tennis sensor do? You simply attach the gadget to the base of your tennis racquet – at the bottom of the handle – and the device will begin monitoring your swing. Tis is all done in real time, with data being continually sent back to your smartphone via bluetooth. Everybody from professional players right the way through to keen amateurs and kids learning the game can easily benefit from this technology.

This kit promises much in the development of the next wave of Andy Murray’s and Rafa Nadal’s, and nicely captures the idea

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of merging technology into sports with the aim of scaling out coaching. The accompanying app, available on iOS and Android, perfectly illustrates have this sort of tech can become the future of sports coaching. The device is able to convey the power that you apply to the ball as well as the swerve and spin, providing a valuable feedback loop for emerging players.

Initially, racquet support will be limited, but overtime Sony will ensure this tech works with a wide variety of popular racquets. It will cost around £105 (18,000 Yen) and should launch in the USA and UK markets this year. We’ll keep you posted and will aim to get a full review out as soon as we can get our hands on it.


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