Pebble Steel smartwatch review

One of the striking pieces of wearable technology to be launched this year at CES is a smart-watch called the Pebble Steel. Most have not heard of the Steel model, let alone the parent company Pebble, but all that is going to change very drastically as you can’t imagine the hype this smart tech will get in the next few months. The feeling in the industry is that this could be the watch that breaks the tech monopoly by the more recognised tech companies. We feel that the apps presented by Pebble clearly demonstrate the way that this technology will evolve over the remainder of 2014, so wasting no more time, let’s dive deeper.

The Pebble Steel smartwatch, disguised as a more traditional watch

Pebble steel smart-watch has a different flavour to the majority of other smart-watches. Other smart-watches companies have opted for big chunky screens with bulkier displays; however Pebble chose an understated and traditional design for the Steel. Unlike its predecessor, Pebble steel smart-watch is very light – so much so that its genuinely possible that you might forget it is on your wrist. It comes with two watch straps so you get to choose between the leather strap or the metal strap, making this watch surprisingly adaptable between more formal occasions and sports usage.

Instead of the common – to the point of being a given – touch screen, Pebble opted for four physical buttons. The first one on the left side of the unit is used for navigating back and forth while the other three on the right side vary in functionality. It’s quite strange to see so many physical buttons on such a piece of smart watch tech, which in a way is refreshing. The smaller smart watch faces can make them fiddly to operate, but the physical buttons overcome this.
The Pebble Steel has got shutter and scratch resistant lens that have got anti-glare optical coating. This appears to be robust and should ensure that the watch can withstand the occasional bash or scratch.

The Pebble Steel has 5 -7 day battery life, it can also connect with Android and ios smart phones via Bluetooth, it is waterproof and comes with a special USB cable that allows one to charge the Pebble using a computer or USB wall charger.

You can easily use the Pebble in the dark, as the watch illuminates as you flick your wrist (as in gesturing to check to the time).
It has customizable faces, meaning you get to choose from 100 of watch-faces that you feel suits you moods and personality.

Could the Steel transcend the tech community and make SmartWatches

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appeal to a wider market?

Also amazing is the use of an e-paper display which means you can read from your Pebble screen even in direct sunlight.
The watch also features more standard ‘watch’ features, such as a vibrating alarm. This may not seem like something to write home about, but you’d be amazed how few smartwatches offer this seemingly basic function.
It also has got the same amazing apps that the previous version had. It will display notifications and messages; it will track your activities, including your runs, without pressing any buttons. Though there are a couple of add on features that really stand to differentiate this product:

The ESPN scores app
This cool app has the ability to notify you with live scores and also the results for all of your teams.

The Mercedes Benz app
Pebble has partnered with Mercedes Company to enable the Pebble Steel smart-watch to act as a secondary screen. When the Pebble is connected to the Mercedes, the smart-watch can act as the car locator, it will alert on the door lock status, it can act as the fuel gauge, and it can also operate the basic functions of your car’s system such as play, pause and skip. And not to forget its ability to send traffic updates to the vehicle’s satellite navigation screen.

Yelp’s Pebble app
A very interesting and useful app, open the app from your smart-watch and then perform a gesture with your wrist and immediately you get suggestions for the nearby restaurants.

In conclusion, Pebble Steel smart-watch has definitely out done its previous versions and competitors. As far as smart-watches are concerned this is the best that as ever been designed. Though it connects to the internet using data from your smart-phone, it connects through the Bluetooth device. It will definitely use up to 10% of the smart-phones battery charge but it will definitely help in a major way as you can greatly avoid constantly getting your phone from your pocket many times as you receive your texts and notifications.
It is very easy to navigate through the Pebble steel features and applications. And just like the android smart-phones, the Pebble Steel has its own app store, and the good news is that all the apps that you will find in the Pebble upcoming app store will be built in javascript that will make it concentrate on user experience and will lead to development better apps.
If you are the type that fancy technology then Pebble Steel smart-watch is a wearable tech that you will fancy on your wrist. Goes for about $250, quite expensive but we think it’s worth every penny.

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