Hollywood’s top trainers share their 33 best muscle building secrets

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Leading actors are commonly tasked with transforming their bodies, and when the next big movie shoot is just weeks away, they turn to Hollywood’s top training gurus. Here we outline some of the tricks of the trade, highlighting some of the biggest body transformation tricks that the stars use to nail their shoot.

Very few people have the genetics needed to gain 10 Lbs of muscle in 4 weeks – yet this is exactly what many top Hollywood trainers are tasked with. So how do they do it? The body may not gain muscle that fast, but it can cut fat quickly, so top trainer’s start by getting you lean. Leaning a star out quickly is the sure-fire way of making the star appear more muscular, defined and ‘in-shape’. Even modest muscle gains of 2-3lbs can make a big visual difference on top of a lean frame.