Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review

Smart Scales are rapidly emerging as the next big fitness technology trend. Like all ‘smart technology’, the new incarnation of the good old bathroom scales bring enhanced tracking, better

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metrics and integration with other fit tech and their associated websites and apps. So today we’re diving into the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi scales.

Black Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi scales review

The premise behind these scales is not dissimilar to your regular fitness scales. Brands like Tanita have been offering a range of body fat and body composition (lean muscle mass, water weight, bone density etc) scales for well over a decade now. Where the Aria scales add more value is in the tracking of these kinds of metrics.

So much like the old body composition scales, this Fitbit offering lets you track your weight, body fat percentage and BMI (we really don’t rate that metric here at Burntech.TV, but that’s a whole different story). We digress…

So where you would ordinarily jump on your scales, get your readings and then either diligently jot the results down or simply try and commit them to memory; the Aria’s do this automatically. The stats all get automatically uploaded to Fitbit over your Wi-Fi network, where they get crunched into a series of useful graphs and charts, amply showing your progress. With over eight pre-set offerings, these scales will do this for the whole family too.

This is where smart scales really come into their own. This movement towards measurability and accountability transforms the effectiveness of such devices. There’s nothing quite like seeing a chart of your progress to inspire, or a graph heading the wrong way to actually make you take action. Weight fluctuations are totally natural but you can’t ignore longer term trends, and that’s really where this sort of integrated technology delivers.

The Fitbit dashboard, for the uninitiated, offers a wide range of dietary tools and services. You get a nice set of weight loggers, calorie goals, weight estimates (based on calorie consumption), Kcal loggers etc. Informative and educational elements are also present, teaching you about the macro-nutrient breakdowns of different food types as you enter them, helping you make more informed dietary decisions as you go. All of this is available on your PC as well as your tablet and smartphone, allowing you to track your eating habits on the move.

Finally, the Aria scales and Fitbit interface let you track your progress with your friends. We have commented before on this trend, dubbing it ‘social fitness’ and we see no reason why its going to slow down. By engaging friends and family to join you on your quest for better body composition, you get set challenges and hold each other accountable. Countless people have discussed the effectiveness of this strategy and even Twitter have commented on the growing number of tweets coming directly from fitness gadgets.

Fitbit Aria dashboard review

So it quickly becomes clear that these scales have a lot to give. When you unbox them, you’ll quickly note that they’re an aesthetically pleasing piece of fitness technology. They’re both well-constructed and visually pleasing, with a big clear display that’s easily read in a range of different light.

Unlike a regular set of bathroom scales, there is a set up process to be undertaken with these scales. This is best completed with your smartphone, especially if you’re a Mac user.

Over the past six months, Fitbit have made a series of software updates to these scales, making them more consistent and accurate. The scales begin at around £70, placing them in a similar price band to other body composition scales. In our opinion, a set of scales which offers all of the easy tracking made possible by smart scales, with similar reading-accuracy to other offerings, become something of a no-brainer in this price band. Click here to check them out on Amazon

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