Bodi-Tek Abtek Toning Belt review

Muscle toning belts have hit a new wave of popularity recently, driven by increasingly effective technology that actually delivers on the premise behind the devices. The price bands that these devices come in differ markedly, but today we wanted to dive into the Bodi-Tek Abtek Toning Belt. This device, currently priced at just £20 on Amazon, is a price effective way to give electro-muscle stimulation a go.

Grab this device for only £20 on Amazon

As with all of these devices, it’s really important to note that they are not overly effective when used as a standalone offering. In other words, its important that you also engage in regular exercise, whether that’s high intensity weight training, cross fit or regular cardio activity. Heck, even taking an extra flight of stairs or parking the car a little further from the office can all add up. Bottom line, use devices like this Abtek toning belt as part of a wider healthy eating and exercise regime.


6 settings that deliver a range of workouts

This toning belt comes with 6 training programmes, and each serves its own means. These range from a relaxing massage through to the uber training mode, which is an intense setting designed to really stimulate adaptions within your muscles.

The massage function is effective in helping you to overcome and adapt from actual exercise. This gender function is really quite soothing, and i found that it is really effective in helping to overcome DOMS (delayed onset

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muscle soreness AKA the pain you feel in a muscle that you hit hard 24-48 hours ago).

The training moss come with adjustable intensity, allowing you to apart over time in order to continue making progress.

A nice entry-level product

The package comes complete with a one size fits all belt – which accommodates waist circumferences ranging from 24 inches right the way through to 47 inches. The box contains a handy carry case, batteries and a sachet of conductive gel. Conductive gel is required by the vast majority of electronic muscle simulators, so bear in mind that this will add an ongoing cost to the use of these devices.


Does the Bodi-Tek Abtek Toning Belt work?

We have been putting this device through its paces for 9 days, so it’s very early to say whether it works or not. However we have sen some early indicative signs that it does add something to your physique, so long as its used as part of a wider training and healthy eating regime.

I am a regular gym-goer – training intensely 5 days week. I take diet very seriously, and follow a keto style, low carb diet regime. I also limit eating windows in order to manage insulin and as such sit at around 10% body fat and 75KG, year-round. At this body fat level i have visible ab outlines, and this leaves me well placed to comment about the effectiveness of these devices.

During the nine days that i have been using this device i have noticed some definite increases in the depth of my rectus-abdominal muscles, with an increased ‘graininess’. My diet and training have been otherwise unaltered, and whilst i constantly expect to make improvements with my training and to thus see better aesthetics, i do feel that this belt have helped to improve the rate of improvement. In all honesty, i have been surprisingly impressed by this device.

Final thoughts

This is naturally a very short test period, so i will come back and put down some extended thoughts in a couple of months time, at which stage i will be better placed to drive some proper conclusions.

However, at a mere £20, this belt is a veritable steal for a device with this much tech. As such, there’s no great gamble in giving it a go. You can read more about it by clicking this link here.