7 quick reasons why you must buy a runners belt

When it comes to purchasing fitness technology, a runner’s belt does not exactly spring to mind. However, there are many good reasons why you may want to consider purchasing one of these simple yet useful pieces of kit. Today, we wanted to take a quick dive into the reasons why you may want to consider purchasing one.

A runners waist belt could be one of the best £25 that a runner can spend. Here’s why


1) Somewhere safe and secure to store your house keys: We’ve all been there, when we head out for a run and we don’t know where to put our keys. It’s the runner’s dilemma, do you hide the keys? Do you try and stow them on you somehow? But what if they somehow fall out mid-run and you’re stuck with no keys when you get home? This is precisely where a runner’s belt comes into its own. Pop the keys in, zip the bag up and off you go, safe in the knowledge that the keys will be there when you get back.

2) Stay hydrated: a runner’s waist belt can help you carry water bottles and rehydration sachets, without having to resort to carrying awkward gym bottles. Ultra-marathon runners will appreciate the opportunity to easily carry their sachets without having to stuff their pockets

3) Easily and securely carry your Smartphone – Your smartphone is useful for more than just peace of mind in the case of an emergency – it can also help you to measure your run with leading fitness apps like Map My Run.

4) MP3 player for inspiration: Some runners prefer not to carry their smartphone to avoid the plethora of incoming distractions that they can bring. We all need the inspiration that only our favourite training songs can deliver sometimes though, and runner’s waist bag helps ensure that we can safely carry our music down the road with us.

5) Jelly babies for fuel: When you start your final kick, you often need a quick sugar hit. Jelly babies have gained an immortal reputation amongst runners, and with good reason. We’ve all felt the magic kick that the sugar delivers at the optimal moment, but nobody wants a sweaty sweet. Fear not, pop them in the bag and off you go.

6) First aid kit just in case: We don’t like to imagine the worst, but it never hurts to be kitted up.

7) Cash in case you run out of steam and need to grab a cab home; on a similar vain, it’s always handy to carry some cash on you, just in case if for no other reason, it means that you’re armed in case those three jelly babies weren’t sufficient.

If you’re sold on the need for a belt,

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check out our list of the three best runner’s belts that cost less than £25. As we said at the start of this article, a runner’s belt doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg.