The 3 Best Runners Waist Packs for Under £25

Today we have taken some time to dive deeper into waist packs, with the aim of identifying the best runners waist packs for under £25.

Runners packs are an undervalued and often unknown peice of fitness technology. They have a disproportionately high upside relative to their modest cost, meaning that you can bag yourself a decent one for a quarter of the price of a decent pair of running shoes.

What are running packs?

For the uninitiated, running packs are simple belt like devices which you use to store your gear. They’re comfortable and unobtrusive to wear, allowing you to concentrate on your run, yet they allowing you to safely and securely stow away the plethora of devices and essential gear that we’re forced to lug about when we pound the pavements.

in other words, they’re the easiest solution for storing everything from smartphones through to house keys. For the more serious long distance runner, including marathon runners and Ultra-runners, they’re essential for carrying rehydration sachet and water.

So without wasting any more time, lets dive into the best runners waist packs on the market in 2014:

Ultimate Performance Titan Runners Pack

As we’ve already ascertained, these bits of kit are not the most high-tech that we’re ever going

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to build a list around on Burntech.TV, so you’re not looking at having to shell out serious cash to grab oe of these belts. Indeed, the Ultimate Performance Titan comes

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in at under a tenner.

It easily fits any waist size from 26 inches through to 42 inches, and sports an easily breathable material which won’t adversely impact your core temperature. As an added benefit, you get the benefit of its reflective design, so this also acts as a safety belt. Most importantly of all, its design is snug and tight – whether worn backwards or forwards facing, so you’re not going to have to deal with the highly irritating ‘belt bounce’.

The Ultimate Performance Titan comes with two pockets, whereby the main pocket is large enough to sport even the larger ‘phablet’ style smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy. Note though, that this will be a snug fit, as this is not the largest runners belt that you’re ever going to see.

Is this the right belt for me? If you’re looking for a cheap and no-thrills belt, which is lightweight and unobtrusive, then this could well work well for you. If you carry larger smartphones or more gear, then this is not the belt for you, as you’ll find it to be too small.


Fitletic Neoprene Hydration Belt by


This is a slightly different running waist belt, as its focus is more on hydration. It comes with two 240ml water bottles as standard, which are fully dishwasher safe. Besides the water bottles, this belt also includes a pouch which is designed for stowing essential gear, like your keys or a smartphone.

This iFitness product is aimed at the serious runners market, as illustrated by the fact that this belt includes placeholders for your race number. It also has reflectors to aid in nightime or lowlight safety.

Coming in at £24.99, this belt has won plaudits amongst big name runners, not least Jeff Galloway, the legendary runner who described this product as “far superior to anything on the market”.

Is this the right belt for me? If you’re a serious runner who needs to focus on in-race hydration (don;t we all) then this is an excellent choice. It delivers a secure fit, stores essential gear and allows you to easily display your race number. If you’re an ultrarunner, you may find the bottle sizes and lack of other storage space to be a hinderance.

SPIbelt – the ‘Small Personal Item” belt

This belt is not entirely aimed at the runner market – although runners do form a core part of this American companies target audience. This belt makes the list because of its stretchability.

So far, the belts discussed have had somewhat limited storage capability. This belt takes things up a notch. Whilst its zipper is only six inches, the material is able to stretch and flex, allowing it to accommodate everything from runners gear right the way through to shopping supplies, highlighting its versatility.

Is this the right belt for me? If you’re looking for a multi-purpose belt that can help you on your shopping trips and your runs, then this belt could work well for you.