The 23 Most Inappropriate Uses of Google Glass

Google Glass has finally arrived. It’s perhaps the most hyped tech in history, and

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it’s not been without its fair share of sensationalist headlines. It doesn’t take a wild imagination to come up with some scary applications for Google glass, especially when Google’s own executive chairman Eric Schmidt has gone public in stating that there are some “obvious” places where Google Glass is inappropriate. So when we stumbled across this story on, we had to give our own take. So what are the most inappropriate uses of Google Glass?

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The companies former CEO – Schmidt led Google through ten years of extreme growth – has been outspoken in his fears around the product. He’s also stated that the voice activation element of the technology – a core part of its modularity and usability – is the “weirdest thing”, especially when used in public. If you still find people talking into earphone mic sets on their smartphone a little disconcerting, wait until you start seeing people talking to their Glass.


One of the biggest fears of course lies in the devices ability to record everything that the user is seeing. The privacy implications are huge, and Google’s response thus far has been to indicate that it’s their belief that the general public will simply ‘develop new etiquette’ around public recording. We fear that this may be a step too far for some, and whilst the vast majority of people are likely to adhere to a new etiquette, society’s outliers are always going to be a problem in this regard.

Google Glass is designed to e triggered by voice commands and facial expressions. Taking photos is reportedly a case of winking at the device, which does little to alleviate user’s fears around the use of the technology.

The company are clearly taking a cautious approach to the release of the product. It’s not being with negative publicity, and indeed many have predicted that Glass will be a total flop, but for now, let’s take a look at the 23 most inappropriate uses of Google Glass.


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