These are the 12 best-paid UK jobs which amazingly do not require a degree

Number 1: Commodities Trader – £100,000+

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    • Hey Dave – we got the stats from a number of sources including From our research it appeared that area (station) managers could pull in ~£55k, with additional freelance, bonuses and other such additions enabling Firefighters to earn upwards of £60k PA. Sadly considering the stellar work Firefighters do, i can well imagine that this isn’t the take-home of the average fireman. The world we live in huh

  1. NO job requires a degree, you can work towards it indirectly, which takes time. None of the jobs you mention come close to those salaries without extensive experience, which takes time.

    • Whilst strictly speaking the majority of
      jobs don’t need a degree – there are of course plenty of jobs that do – these
      jobs feature some fairly technical skills that we assumed people would
      associate with requiring a degree. You’re absolutely right though, all of these
      jobs require you to work really hard and dedicate loads of time before you
      would get close to these salaries. Some of the salaries are pretty stellar
      though, and in any line of work (bar certain sportsmen and women!) I’d argue
      that you would need to put in plenty of hours of work and develop plenty of high-end
      skills before you would get paid this handsomely?

      • My point was that you can enter any field, put in the same work and reach those levels without a degree. So why bother highlighting those jobs?

        The only one that makes sense is firefighting, and the money there is for danger work.

      • And if you think sportsmen and women don’t have to put in massive amounts of work before being well paid you’re an idiot. Most of them dedicate their lives to their sport from the age of 5 or 6 and have jobs that require them to live an entire non-stop lifestyle that they can’t turn off at 5pm each day.

        • No doubting that being great at any top sport requires an immense amount of dedication and hard work, valid points. Also no doubting that the top-tier stars do exceptionally well out of it too mind.

  2. I think you will find that anyone trying to get into PR these days needs a good degree and several years experience. It’s the usual story, how do you ever get the experience unless you work for free?

    • There’s no doubting that a good degree would definitely help, especially at the bigger firms. The data used will be accounting for folks who got in to the game earlier and were able to establish their own agency, i imagine. The propensity of degrees in the UK now is meaning that many jobs are increasingly starting to require degrees when they didn’t used to as well (just because employers can now ‘get away’ with asking for them

    • I agree. Frankly these are the sorts of jobs that you GO TO university to get!!!! Wish I hadn’t bothered!

  3. Fire service Station Manager salary is £40k, You can earn 20% more if you are flexi duty which pays additional element for periods of 24 hour cover

  4. Thanks for the article. This reaffirmed my
    belief that not having a university degree mustn’t cause a sudden career death
    for people who are willing to apply themselves especially after having an initial solid and
    basic foundation in education.

    A driven personality always finds a way. If
    education proves to be an obstacle, those with an entrepreneurial spirit will
    push it aside and find their own chosen and fulfilling career routes. For
    instance, these folks did not go to university, but they applied themselves
    successfully: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Kevin Rose, Rachael
    Ray, Larry Ellison etc. No one should let lack of university education limit their imagination or
    derail their entrepreneurial spirit. However, if you have the means and
    capabilities to acquire a degree, then go for it because it’s still a great stepping
    stone on which to apply the knowledge gained and build a great career faster, that is if you
    also know how to apply yourself.

    • This is spot on – too many people use a ‘lack of a degree’ as an excuse. Some of the richest folks on earth haven;t gotten degrees.

    • Agreed. One of the more considered and logical comments on here. Knuckle down and work hard, and you can be amazed where you get to. Look at some of the great entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs – he dropped out of uni. Many a fortune has ben made by an ‘uneducated man or woman’. Did you go to uni Catherine?

  5. This is an interesting look at the best jobs / jobs which don’t really need any experience in the UK. Its amazing to think of the level of job, the salary (so many £50k + jobs) and the types of gigs that you can get without a formal education or degree. I have often thought that the university of life is actually a better barometer and opportunity giver verses uni. I went to Glasgow uni, had 3 awesome years, but 12 years later I am not doing as well as some of these salaries. Makes me wonder if I would have been better off knuckling down and getting on with working in one of these fields?

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