The 11 Biggest Password Mistakes That Are Leaving Your Data Exposed Online

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Today we wanted to dive into the ten biggest password mistakes that people make online, largely because these are mistakes that we’re all making, collectively, millions of times a day. Our online lives are governed by passwords.

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From internet banking to internet shopping, taking in online newspapers and social media, it feels like we need a password for everything.

A recent study was undertaken which looked at the biggest password mistakes and it used a huge dataset of over 536.6 million English-speaking Internet users. It utilised data from computer experts who collectively work on fixing broken computers. When interviewed, the tech geeks claimed to find two predictable and hugely amusing things whilst fixing the average computer. The first is the collection of personal pictures found on the average hard drive, which range from hilarious selfies through to more intimate

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pictures. The second is the ridiculously simple and easily predictable passwords which the user has installed onto their system. Most are ridiculously predictable yet we trust these passwords to

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protect our most vital personal data.

Perhaps on the back of reading this article we’ll all be a little bit savvier when it comes to choosing a password to protect our online lives?

Perhaps on the back of reading this, you’ll want to take 5 easy steps to make yourself safter online, starting with your tablet?