The 10 best headphones for all budgets in 2014

If you are an Apple user, you should know that the Apple EarPods are pretty good for most users. They do the job, they’re highly portable and the sound quality isn’t bad at all. For that reason, there are many people who are

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happy with these plastic pods. However, true music connoisseurs may bed to differ, so we wanted to dive into the 10 best headphones for all budgets in 2014 so far. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite music from your tablet, smartphone, or any other media players, you may want to invest in a pair of headphones with a little bit more ‘wow then ‘meh’. That’s why we’re here to help. Lets dive in You can find many different headphones on the market before you even start dialing in your search. There’s headphones catered around the gym, high-end headphones aimed at music lovers, there’s in ear buds, there’s over ear larger form ‘phones, heck, nowadays there’s even niche headphones within niches, such as headphones for weight trainers. These range from $30 for simple headphones to $1,000 for customized ear monitors. However, people usually have some difficulties when choosing the best headphones for their needs, largely due to the over abundance of choice that’s currently on the market. It is recommended that you take a look at all available options before purchasing the best one for yourself. There are many different headphone designs that are available today. Read: Are the Philip’s actionfit headphones the best headphones for the gym? As a starting point, you need to identify the types of headphones that you’re looking for. This essentially boils down to two main choices; over the ear headphones and ear-fitting headphones. The choice is personal, some people despise putting things into their ears whilst others hate overly bulky over-ear designs. Both core-designs have their own features and benefits. Therefore, in this post, we are going to identify and discuss a range of popular over-the-ear and in-ear headphones that you can buy for your needs. If you are interested with the ear-fitting headphones, you can check our Best Earphones section. Read: Jebra sports headphones review There are a lot of choices of the over-the-ear headphones at the moment, largely because this style has become incredibly fashionable throughout 2013 and in to 2014. For a device which is, on the surface at least, very basic, many headphones come with their own unique selling points. We’ve therefore categorized based on standout features, ranging from wireless to noise cancelling and anti-sound leakage features. Read: Beats by Dr Dre review

1. Bowers and Wilkins P5 Headphones

$299.95 You can buy these headphones on Amazon at $319.99. The P5 headphones are manufactured by Bowers and Wilkins, a niche manufacturer who are very popular in the headphone market. The P5 headphones have won a reputation for very high quality sound at a modest/affordable price – at least compared to some of the top-end offerings. These headphones come with an amazing design which cements their position as the best mid-tier ‘phones which are playing with – and comparable to –

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the best in the market. If you have a decent budget and want to look the part whilst experiencing great sound quality, then you can do worse than add these to your shopping list.

2. Denon AH-D1100

$199.99 When you are looking for superb headphones with great audio quality at a competitive price, you should take a look at the AH-D1100 headphones from Denon. Famed for being able to produce strong bass responses, they marry powerful sound with a respectable price tag. Anybody who thinks the standard MP3 player, android phone or Apple headphones will do the business may want to try these out. They’ll probably be changing their mind quickly afterwards. A great sub $200 choice.

3. Sennheiser HD 558

$179.95 list The HD558 headphones from Sennheiser are quickly gaining an enviable reputation, with a host of positive reviews from people who certainly know what they’re talking about. You can purchase these headphones for about $119.99 at With prices like that, the HD558’s represent fantastic value in the under-$200 headphones category. They don’t quite deliver the power of the Denon’s, but at $80 cheaper, they come in at a considerable saving. We’d suggest that these are amongst the biggest bargains on the market at the moment.

4. Yamaha PRO 500

$399.95 list You can get the Pro 500 headphones for about $394.44 at Amazon. With these Yamaha’s, we’ve taken a step up in class and are now comparing the really serious end of the market. The Pro 500 headphones produce a stunningly rich bass and wide octave stereo system. Voted by the editors of PC Mag as one of the best in the World, these represent a considerable investment but one that may be worth undertaking if you take your music really seriously.

5. Bose Quiet Comfort 15

$299.95 direct No list comparing the best gadgets for creating stunning audio experiences would be complete without the incomparable Bose. Their Quiet Comfort 15’s make the list due to their ability to produce the best noise cancellation technology in the business. This QuietComfort tech needs to be heard to be believed, and is a real standout offering from Bose. Sadly, the rest of the sound quality is actually somewhat lacking with the QuietComfort 15 headphones, but if you’re prone to listening to music in loud environments, then these have to be considered.

6. Griffin WoodTones headphones

$99.99 list The Griffin’s are available for about $65 at Amazon. The Griffin WoodTones headphones lead the sub $100 pack, with an excellent all round mix of quality allied with affordability. These headphones come with solid audio system and great design. All bass lovers will enjoy using these headphones, and the range is noteworthy for the price tag – in fact, they arguably outcompete some of the higher priced ‘phones in this regard. If you’re looking for a quality pair of ‘phones that aren’t going to break the bank, then look no further.

7. Harman Kardon BT

$249.95 list This device is available at for about $249.99. The Harman Kardon BT headphones come with an effortlessly cool design and excellent performance. These Bluetooth headphones are very popular for their ease of use, with easy Bluetooth syncing making them a joy to use da-to-day. They are able to produce low frequency sound without reducing the sound clarity. Pricier model, but you’re hard pressed to find Bluetooth headphones that can beat the Kardon BT’s for overall sound range and quality.

8. Marshall Monitor

$200 list You can get Marshall Monitor headphones at Amazon store for about $199.99. This headphone pair is very well known for their design, deep bass, crisp highs, and great overall audio system. It has very powerful and distortion-free audio system. You are able to adjust your Marshall Monitor headphones across a wide range of settings, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music just how you like it.

9. Numark Electrowave

$149.95 list You can buy this device at Amazon store for about $112.83. The Numark’s are a very comfortable pair of headphones, making them a standout choice for anybody who finds more standard headphones a little irritating. The Electrowave headphones come with some DJ features, such as detachable cables, flip-away earcups, and many other features, marking these out as an exceptionally affordable option for budding DJ’s.

10. Scosche Lobedope SHP451M

$34.99 list Finally, we can’t finish off this list without offering a bargain pair of ‘phones, and we’ve picked on the Scosche Lobedope headphones. This product is very popular because of its rich and full bass equipped with crisp highs system. Again, its worthy of batting in a higher league, and in our opinion, is worthy of being priced closer to the others in this list. It is a very affordable option for all users, with just enough quality to deliver a noticeable uplift on the freebee headphones. So there we have it, a list of the best headphones for all budgets in 2014. We’ll keep it updated as the year progresses.

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